Attention Must Be Paid, But For $800?

A Financial Detective Story about Staging "Death of a Salesman" in 1949 and 2012 by Peter Wayner

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The Book

Have you ever wondered how things got so expensive? Have you ever felt that inflation was much worse than the 2 or 3% gain that's reported in the news? When journalist Peter Wayner found the financial records for the 1949 and 2012 productions of "Death of a Salesman", he knew he had a good way to compare what we had with what we have today.

The short book digs into the cost of staging the show then and now and uses it as a way to understand just how the economy has changed, who won and who lost, who is making more than ever and who is being pushed aside. Wayner mixes the story of the play with the history of the times to build an engaging economic detective story that helps understand just where the money is going.

The Start

The book was sparked by reading this essay by Lee Siegel on NY Times Op-Ed page.

The Author

Peter Wayner is the author of more than a dozen books and a frequent contributor to newspapers like the New York Times and magazines like InfoWorld, Wired, Technology Review and others.